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Mole Removal

Whether they are with us from birth, or we acquired them throughout our lives, many of us live with unwanted or unsightly moles. These may be located in places that make us feel self-conscious, such as the face, or be located in areas that interfere with our everyday lives such as the neck or under the bra strap. Regardless of your reason for removing your mole (or moles) laser removal techniques respect the appearance of the remaining skin.


Laser Mole Removal is much less ‘invasive’ than surgical excision as the skin is not broken or cut into so it is like having a “graze” (much like a minor burn) rather than a wound from a cut. As the skin has not been broken it does not need to form a scar to heal up and this also means that the chances of infection are much less and the healing times are quicker.


Moles which are raised from the skin surface are more likely to benefit from the treatment.  Some moles are less appropriate for removal by laser such as flat moles or highly pigmented/dark moles.


Immediately afterwards, the mole will be gone, and a small red mark will be where the mole was before. This is covered up with some ointment and a small dressing which can be removed the next morning. The area heals in the same manner as a minor burn and takes approximately 10-14 days to achieve a smooth pink mark.  This pink color then fades over the following few weeks.

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